HHP Imperial Aliah

HHP Imperial Aliah
Tail Male Saklawi l
Tail Female El Dahma and thus
Dahmah-Shahwaniyah in strain.


HHP Imperial Aliah is a one of a kind mare. Considering her dam’s ability to predictably transmit  power and near perfect conformation to all her foals, the match up with Ibn Rabdan USA produced amazing results.

Ibn Rabdan USA is one of the extremely rare Hadban stallions and one of only two Hadban Inzihi stallions in the U.S. with the Jamil El Kebir sire line. Furthermore, he is one of only two extant Ibn Lothar sons within the Heirloom group (Ibn Lothar is the only Heirloom source of Lothar {*Fadl x Habba}, the great endurance champion).

The product of coupling Ibn Rabdan USA with Imperial Mimraah has produced this wonderful mare. She has movement, conformation and personility. She gives “nose kisses” whenever she sees you and loves to be around her human friends.



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