ARA Khemyra

2009 4H States – Hunt Seat – Blue Ribbon
2009 4H States – Over Cross Rails – Blue Ribbon
2009 4H Districts – Hunt Seat – Champion
2009 4H Districts – Over Cross Rails – Champion
2008 4HDistricts – Western Pleasure – Champion
2007 4H Districts – Western Pleasure – Champion
Numerous Local Show Blue Ribbons

ARA Khemyra is a Khemosabi great granddaughter. She is a beautiful metallic copper color with dapples, a blaze and two white socks. Khemyra is a mare of substance, an easy keeper, 14.2 hh and very powerfully built.

In addition to her physical qualities, Khemyra’s real claim to fame is her incredible disposition which stands out even in a whole herd of tent living personalities….she is the most affectionate, most tolerant mare in the barn. Khemyra has introduced many a child to the world of Arabian horses. Two year olds have had their first, up close experience with this mare.

She lets them pet her, groom her and, of course, feed her treats. Khemyra will give “pony” rides for hours and  never complain. She then turns around and performs in western pleasure, hunt seat and over fences. She is a true ambassador for the Arabian breed and is a favorite of our granddaughter Abagael.

ARA Khemyra, arabliss arabians

ARA Khemyra, arabliss arabians


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