AB Razeel

Tail Male Jamil El Kebir
Tail Female *Nufoud

Razeel is the last foal of LD Rubic.  He is a beautiful chestnut colt born when Rubic was the ripe old age of 24.

Razeel is a mirror image of his dam with a shiny copper coat and flashy white forelegs.  His personality is his sire personified…extraordinary intelligence, incredible movement and an inordinate willingness to please.

Razeel can be best described as a true Bedouin horse, built for stamina and ground covering movement.  Razeel is a very rare Combined Source stallion, tail female *Nufoud and tail male Jamil El Kebir through his sire’s Straight Babson lineage.

Razeel has been started under saddle. He is the respectful boy who will do what is asked. This man needs to do endurance. He is ready and willing.






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