AB Majeed Al Nahhal


Tail Male Venus
Tail Female El Shahbaa

We all hope every new foal is a filly for a multitude of reasons, but from the moment we saw this colt, we were absolutely delighted he was a boy……and what a boy he is! AB Majeed Al Nahhal was special from the moment he was born.

He didn’t try to stand right away.  He waited quietly looking around his new surroundings. When he was ready he got up on the second try and walked around his stall with a confidence unusual for a foal only hours old. This confidence has stayed with him. He is curious, loving and independent.

Majeed, like his full sister Jameeleh Nahlat, got the best of both his sire and dam. He has straight legs, short back, upright neck and a lovely dished head. His conformation, coupled with his personality, makes this colt a wonderful example of the Straight Egyptian Arabian.

We look forward to his success in the show ring.






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