AB Imperial Aminah

Tail Male Jamil El Kebir
Tail Female Al Dahme

AB Imperial Aminah is an extraordinary filly incorporating the best qualities of her spectacular sire and dam. Destined to be a mare of height and substance, Aminah has long straight legs, a lovely swan neck and an exquisite head. Floating across the pasture in a ground consuming, effortless trot, Aminih is awe inspiring to behold.

Aminah possesses the instincts and the common sense of one much older. With a true “tent disposition” like her dam, she’s glued to the elbow of any human in her presence and she yearns for the human contact. She is extremely intelligent and, with her dam’s guidance, is learning to be a herd leader.

Considering her pedigree, her correct conformation, her size and her unique disposition, we have high expectations for Aminah’s future.

AB Imperial Aminah stands at a full 15′ 2 and is an A + student at ground work. Look for her under saddle next year.




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